What’s A Webinar And How Do I Run One?

What is a webinar and why should you run one?

A webinar, very simply, is a presentation hosted online. Viewers can log in and see your presentation from anywhere in the world, either live or recorded.

So why run one?

Webinars are an incredibly useful tool for spreading your message to a huge audience at a relatively low cost.

Viewers are able to see either your own computer screen (if you choose to use a slides or images for your presentation), your face on camera, or a combination of both.

Running a webinar is a great way to launch a new product, run a sale, or simply a good tool as part of your customer onboarding sequence.

And they’re relatively simple to run! The downside of this is that they can be a little techy to set up and integrate with all the other tools (such as an email system for keeping track of attendees). But once they’re up, you’re good to go!

There are many webinar providers available to choose from, all with their own upsides and downsides. Do your research and learn what features would be the most useful to you, and then get stuck into it!

The beauty of webinars is that they are easy to run, scalable (meaning you can run them for hundreds or even thousands of people at once) and they are repeatable – you can even record them and have them running on autopilot to bring in new work while you sleep!

They are a fantastic tool to add to your advertising and marketing arsenal, and can be implemented at a relatively low cost and time commitment.

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