What’s The Big Deal About Blogging?

What's The Big Deal About Blogging

So, how many times have you been asked if you run a blog on your business website?

If you’ve been trying to get on top of your marketing for a while now, it’s probably been on your to-do list for a little too long.

If you’re relatively new to the marketing world, then maybe you haven’t been thinking about it yet. But, honestly, you should.

A blog is a hugely valuable tool for all businesses to help boost their online presence.

It’s valuable because it’s a great combination of useful, helpful, cost effective and incredibly easy to publish content. But the blog itself is not the valuable part. Honestly, that’s just the vessel.

The important part is that you can fill your online business card with useful, helpful content with a relatively consistent frequency.

Because that’s what Google likes. And really, you are who Google says you are.

If you have a consistent stream of helpful content going up on your website then a blog might not be the holy grail. Because if you already have a medium through which you are succeeding, then stick with it! Besides, you can whip up a blog on the spot from your current content anyway.

People rave about blogging because it is an easy way to publish a large volume of helpful content without breaking the bank.

Simple as that.

Simple, but incredibly powerful. You see, Google actually rewards you if you have a consistent stream of useful content. That could mean videos, articles, a podcast, or a blog.

So what are you waiting for? If your website is that same as it was a year ago, a blog is a fantastic tool to breathe some new life into it.

As an easy start, try to make a list of the top ten questions you get asked about your business. These questions could be ones from customers, partners, or even family and friends. Each question is a great topic to get you started with your blog.

Here are some quick tips for making the most out of your blog.

  1. Don’t pitch. A blog is supposed to be helpful and useful, not just another ad.
  2. Make it consistent. 10 posts will rank better if posted consistently each week, rather than all at once.
  3. Use images – all text is boring! Make sure you have, at the very least, a feature image for each post.

Need a few more ideas? Check out this post on finding great content ideas: Using Google Related Search To Create Helpful Content


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