How Do I Start With Facebook Advertising?

Start with facebook advertising in 5 steps

If you are looking to start with Facebook advertising, you could be about to jump into a whole new world.

Facebook advertising is incredibly powerful, and also pretty scary. There’s just so much you can do! Which makes it even harder to figure out where to start.

The potential is limitless; integrate it with sales funnels, shopping carts, vouchers, leads, videos, and pretty much anything else you want!

So, where’s the best place to start?

Obviously, it depends on your business, but I’ve found the best place to start is for using it to collect leads. Get someone’s information, then use your charm and wit (or in my case, bucket loads of useful information) to turn them into a paying customer.

Over the last few days, I’ve done this for a few people, and my process is more or less the same each time

1. Build/Develop or decide on a lead magnet

It should be something attractive. It should be sexy. And most importantly, it should be free. Put together something that you are happy to give away for free. It could be a discount voucher for a first time customer, a free checklist or guide, a video series – anything that would be attractive to your ideal customer.

Give people free shit, and they will pay you for more. 

Like the first rule of business. Maybe. It’s definitely one of the rules.

2. Set up an email marketing provider

Make sure you have a place for your contact details to go. At a minimum, you want to capture a name and email address, so that you can start marketing to them. Most email providers will do this at a very low cost if you’re just starting out. My two favourites are MailChimp and ConvertKit. MailChimp has a free startup, but ConvertKit has incredible targeting features that I just can’t go without. Things like adding custom tags to subscribers based on what lead magnet they downloaded, or which links they clicked.

3. Build a landing/squeeze page to collect the information

This should be a relatively simple page that gives visitors only two options: sign up or leave. It should be too damn appealing to say no to, and it should have a no-brainer offer for your lead magnet.

All of this without too much copy – the decision to download your lead magnet should be quick and painless for your customer.

4. Integrate your squeeze page with your email provider, and send out a welcome sequence

Remember, these people are only on your list because you’re giving them free shit.

They don’t actually give a shit about your business yet – which is why you need to introduce yourself and starting building a relationship with them.

People buy from people. So don’t be a big, glamourous corporation. Just be people. 

5. Build out your ad to send people to the squeeze page

Start getting people to see the page. Some will click. Then they download your freebie. Then they learn about you. Then they start buying shit.

It takes good ads, attractive and eye-catching photos, a great offer, and good customer relations – but it all comes together.


BONUS – Use your Facebook Pixel

Integrate your Facebook pixel into your freebie download and you’ll be able to track (dollar for dollar) how well your ad is performing.


Guess what – you just built your first sales funnel

That’s all there is to it! Pretty handy, right? From here, once you’ve got it perfect and bringing in consistent leads, you can start to scale it and build out other campaigns. But for now, this is an awesome plce to start!

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